Know About Us

Our mission is to create fair gains for Cacao farmers and farming communities. This economic model creates ethical value for suppliers and buyers. We are working to secure a sustainable Cacao and coffee sector now and for the future.

We understand what it takes to succeed as a farmer. We know we can unlock our potential with new opportunities. We also know the challenges that hold us back. Still, we remain committed to plant seeds and sell the crops to earn a living wage.

We have a plan. In the long term we would like to become a leading ethical producer of high-grade Cacao and coffee products. So it makes sense that sourcing exceptional Cacao and coffee is an all-consuming fervor for us. We love to find partners with a passion that matches our own.

Our current supplier base is 5,500 strong. Each farmer we work with runs a small business – a family farm. In every sense, each farming community is a rich network of producers of exceptional Cacao and coffee. As a collective, this network provides the foundation for a seamless supply of the amazing products you need.

That is why we source our Cacao and coffee only through direct trade. We work directly with farmers and pay them a premium price at the farm gate. This enables the farmer to have a fair return on their investment. We also share our profit to the farming community through our Fire Mountain Safety Net programme which will execute social projects chosen by the community.

A living income changes everything.

A family farm is the main source of income for many farmers. The profit from the farm provides immediate basic needs like food, water, shelter, clothing, sanitation, education, and healthcare.

We believe that everyone involved in the value chain for Cacao and coffee has a responsibility to help farmers enjoy a decent living. Yes, that means you too have a role to play.

Why? Because a living income changes everything.

It is not a secret. Small-scale farmers have no control over the global market price for commodities like Cacao and coffee. All too often, this means that farmers and their families cannot enjoy a decent standard of living.

We work directly with farmers to provide training, promote local community development initiatives, and invest in infrastructure to produce superior quality Cacao.