70% Dark Chocolate

Single Origin 70% Dark Chocolate from Cocoa grown at the foot of the fertile volcanic soil of mount Cameroon.


37% Milk Chocolate

Single Origin 37% Milk Chocolate from Cocoa grown at the foot of the fertile volcanic soil of mount Cameroon.

From Farmer to Bar

Why choose between ethics and enjoyment when you can have both? Fire Mountain is no ordinary chocolate. It’s made from cocoa beans harvested in the volcanic soil of Mount Cameroon – an active volcano over 70 million years old. We know this, because we grow it ourselves. Our smallholders are also stakeholders.

You see, we believe the best things in life should be shared. That’s why we want you to share the unmistakable taste of Fire Mountain. Just as we want our farmers to share the rewards for their hard work. And a community to share the employment benefits that our industry provides.

It’s funny how crop rotation works in a cycle, because that’s how we run our business. One big circle. One big family. By supporting local farmers, we grow a community as well as a crop. Families aren’t forced to flee for employment. We fight against child labour, for an education for our children and fair price for our farmers. We’re sustainable and traceable. When we harvest, we all share the benefits of our beans – people as well as planet.

You could say our chocolate is bean-to-bar. It’s true. But we don’t think that explains how the cacao you’re holding made it from our plantation to your palm. Let’s face it, Cameroon is further than Camden. Instead, we like to say farm-to-bar because it’s our farmers who should take the credit for how good Fire Mountain tastes.

Rich, dark, single-origin Cameroonian chocolate grown in fresh and fertile volcanic soil. Like a speciality cheese or a fiery chilli – there’s something special about cacao. And it’s those unique bursts of flavour that makes tasting Fire Mountain an unforgettable experience to savour.

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Mount Cameroon is a volcanic massif of southwestern Cameroon that rises to a height of 13,435 feet (4,095 metres) and extends 14 miles (23 km) inland from the Gulf of Guinea.

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